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Rock never dies and neither does this “bunch of old men with no career-plan” who make up the ChordJacks, but the ChordJacks did something to us when we heard their music. Perhaps it’s because they’ve been playing together for decades, or because we were feeling nostalgic, but listening to their music took us back to that place of comfortable rock – think Pink Floyd. For this Indie Spotlight, we reached out to ChordJacks to find out more about their music – and we did alright considering the language barrier.

Who are ChordJacks?

The band is made up of: Chris Giannakopoulos (Drums), Christian “Metzo” Metz (Keyboards and Bluesharp), Klaus Engel (Guitar and Vocals), Daniel Wolf (Bass and vocals), and Frank Kierspel (Lead Guitar). They’ve been creating music together for a long time, with some of them being together for decades. The first song they played together was “House of the Rising Sun” which to our ears seems like a very fitting beginning to where their sound is now.

Among their musical influences, they list: Neil Young, Chick Corea, Bruce Springsteen, Led Zeppelin, and the Ramones and noted that, “We love Bands and Artist who are real, with passion and soul.”

The ChordJacks describe their own music as rock-n-roll with some blue notes, and say that they try to tell little stories with their music, but always do it in the “chordjack-Style.”

Indie Spotlight Q&A:

What milestones have you reached in your music career that you’d like to share?

A few recordings, a lot of fantastic gigs, a lot of wonderful friends.

What is your fondest musical memory?

My [Dani’s] wife discovered me ‘live on stage’. We fell in love after a chordjack-gig!

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life, what song would it be?

Whole lotta love (Led Zeppelin) or any of our own songs.

How often do you perform live?

“Between 10-15 gigs per year.”

What types of events/venues do you generally perform at?

All kind of venues! Street parties, Birthday-Parties, music clubs.

How do you handle mistakes in a live performance (like you’d ever make a mistake)?

We laugh about it. We take it easy. And yes we are making mistakes.

Any totally embarrassing anecdotal story from one of your performances?

Yes! Once we played on a small houseboat. Somebody tried to climb from outside into the machine room (were the gig took place) ..we saw his freaky face trough the bull-eye…than he crashed into the water.

Do you get nervous before a performance? Do you have any advice for others who experience stage fright?

Yes I am FUCKING nervous before a performance (sorry for the f-word). [It’s cool, Dani. We’ve heard the word before and even performed it once or twice]. And no, I have no advice…but maybe stage-fright helps to be concentrated. For me there are two sides of the medal: before a gig I suffer because of the stage-fright, but after the gig I am the happiest man alive. [Dani]

Do you write your own songs?

YES! And we love it! I think you must write your own songs to be a real musician. By the way: we also cover some songs and we like that too!

How often do you practice?

Every Monday for 2 and a half hours.

What projects are you currently working on?

We prepare ourselves for a gig in a few weeks and we are working on some new songs.

You can find out more about the ChordJacks on their website at and fan them on Facebook.

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