Who are we?

We’re music lovers, writers, and creators.  We are entrepreneurs, legal eagles, bloggers, and day drinkers.  We are Pitched Production and Entertainment – and we invest in you.

Pitched Productions & Entertainment (Pitched Pro) provides independent musicians, authors and other creatives with strategies and support in promoting and marketing their creative identities. We believe in providing authentic assistance to musicians, authors, artists, and creatives in a cost-effective way.

There are a ton of marketing and promotional businesses out there making promises they probably can’t live up to.  Chances are, you are wasting your money with all the “pay to play” opportunities out there – sure, subscribe to this service or that service and then you can submit your music to be heard or your book to be read and reviewed.  Screw that.

The sad truth is there are many businesses preying on independent artists’ desire for success. We aim to change the model.  Like you, we love music and the arts, and we want to help you develop workable strategies to build your fan base.

But the business of show is a hard business and you should be honing your craft – in fact, why are you reading this when you should be creating art?

While our primary focus is on musicians, we are happy to help writers, photographers, dancers (even those on the pole), and other creatives when we can.

What does Pitched Pro Do?

We spend a lot of our time listening to music, reading books, and digging through the inter-webs hunting for opportunities for artists. Our goal is to connect like-minded with like-minded, but without you giving up the ability to make a living off your art.  It’s awesome that some musicians stream their music free on ReverbNation and SoundCloud and wherever and authors give away their books so freely, and sometimes, that pays off, but mostly it pays someone else.

We provide creatives with support, motivation, promotion, and strategies to help them succeed.  Mostly, we are cheerleaders.  But for those lucky enough to live near us, we do much more.

Sadly, we can’t do everything for free. We tried and got really hungry. But we will never, ever, ever, under any circumstance have you sign away your future to us.  We believe in keeping you in control of your budget.

Pitched Pro Services for Indie Musicians:

For Local Talent:

Booking assistance:

We’ll solicit venues for you and do our best to get you quality shows that don’t leave your pockets emptied. We won’t require you to sign an exclusive booking agreement like some other companies. Therefore, you are free to book yourself even if we are working with you.

Music Video Production:

You got that great song and want the perfect video to accompany it! Well, we happen to know a ton of talented actors, videographers, dancers, performers, and cats.  We offer music video production services from concept to release.


We’ll get the studio, the photographer and your personal stylist set up and work with you on the day of the shot to make sure your artist/band photos are not only amazing, but comply with guidelines of stores like iTunes and Google Play.

For Not Local Talent:

Digital Music Distribution:

There are many DDM companies such as DistroKid, TuneCore, CD Baby and more online. All of them take time and money to use.  We’ll do the time consuming, crap-work you hate so you can focus on what you love to do: play music and we’ll do it without making you sign up for a subscription service.


We can help you set up your website, design logos for your band, design cover art for your album, EP or demo, and generally guide you in branding your band/art to target a demographic with likely interest in your music.

Promotional Materials:

We can help you with stickers, shirts and other promotional materials and promotional strategies to build your fan base and brand relevance.

Copyright Registration:

Maybe you’ve already tried getting your music copyrighted and found it confusing (am I copyrighting a performance or a recording? Is there a more cost effective way to do this? WTF does all this mean?!). You’ve seen the loops you have to jump through to get through all the forms.  We can handle this for you in the most cost effective way possible for your scenario. [Please note: Legal services require a licensed attorney.  A third-party attorney will be used for legal services.]


BMI, ASCAP, SoundExchange – the most important part about distributing your music is making sure your collecting royalties rather than giving it all away. Managing your assets with PROs takes time away from focusing on your music.  Let us help you along the way.

Love for the Indie Musician:

We know that creating music to put on the market can be cost prohibitive. When you add the cost of running your music business, you’re likely spending money rather than making money.  We’ve been there. We get it. It’s not easy and it’s even harder when even the “industry insiders” want to cut your throat and take your money. Guess what. We don’t need them as long as we have each other.

We will never recommend a service or expense just to increase our own profit margin (heck, we don’t even have a profit margin) like some more predatory businesses out there.  Wwe won’t ask you to put the cart before the horse in planning your business strategy. Most of our work is done on exchange.  We barter, we beg, we take cash and candy.  Sometimes we have to collect a small amount of money from you, especially when we have to hire photographers, stylists and other providers who don’t like candy as much as we do.

Want to know more, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your needs and what we can do for you.